My journey so far as an EFL Teacher

JOTO utilises a creative teaching method acquired through teaching English language courses and communication skills as an EFL Teacher (with a student age range of 3 - 88 years old) in eight countries across Europe and Asia; combined with managerial, life and environmental experience in order to make a significant contribution of educational value.

All children are unique individuals and no two children have exactly the same skills or learning style. Although we appreciate that in this world of digital media and devices there are many benefits to electronic teaching methods, there are also many drawbacks in a child's educational and social development. That’s why JOTO has addressed and created a variety of individual learning games; TEFL resources, that every child can benefit from. The games introduce various themes that combine direct communication, social interaction, small-group work, and one-on-one tutoring in a way that works for every child or student - either at home or in an English class. Every child has the power to learn, is curious & creative and within a relaxed, but structured setting can succeed. 

I have travelled extensively and have been fortunate enough to visit fifty different countries so far and have taught in eight of them. I have taught in an English Language school in: the Maldives, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, France and England. It is through these invaluable teaching, travelling and incredible cultural experiences that I have been inspired to create the communicative games now being offered. They have been tried and tested on all age groups and abilities and have proven to be a great educational and social development resource. My love for Romania inspired the JOTO logo creation which includes the Romanian national colours; a country in which I can now  proudly call my home. My vision is to set up a wellness & educational retreat in Transylvania.

Each lightweight and versatile game has been thoughtfully developed, for teachers and parents alike, by carefully hand-drawn images, and can easily be incorporated into English TEFL lessons. All of the images included are individual pieces of the personal JOTO journey. Every image is based on a real child, animal, insect or person who I have met along the way. These games are filled with love and treasured memories; it is a personal and blessed path combined with a heartfelt message which should be available to all and so it is. 

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