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​   This game contains:​

  • a  glossy printed tube with white end caps
  • a printed vinyl game (745mm x 998mm)
  • 2 dice​ (marble green)
  • 6 double-sided playing picture cards & stands

            (a squirrel, rabbit, robin, bumblebee, ladybird, and an owl)

  • 20 Toadstool playing cards
  • 20 Hedgehog Playing cards
  • a green drawstring bag
  • a printed instruction leaflet 

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      JOTO Fairy Game​  

For fun with the family or with an ESL teacher   


  • 2-6 players

            (6+ if you incorporate additional  counters)

  • ​Age: 4 years +
  • Duration: 30 - 60 minutes​
  • Can be used for family fun or in conjunction with English grammar and language courses

​​Players begin their English journey along a very colourful and magical forest path. Their throw dictates whether they land on a leaf, toadstool or hedgehog. Toadstools indicate that they have carefully honoured the forest code and they are rewarded accordingly. Landing on a leaf is neutral ground and they pause until their next turn. A meeting with a hedgehog however, reminds players to develop a deeper awareness of our natural habitat and encourages more compassion towards  our forest friends.

Players pass by an array of vibrant flora and fauna, birds, insects, nymphs and a unicorn on their passage to the great Oak Tree. Before reaching the Green Man and being granted access to the finale of the magical Oak door, players are greeted by various delightful fairies who wish to whisper further guidance through their cards.

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<img src="https://www.jewelsoftheoak.com/jotoFairyGame.jpg" alt="JOTO Fairy Game" />