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​​Jewels of the Oak uses the natural curiosity of children to empower, encourage and educate all children through a combination of personally designed recreational and educational English board games.

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JOTO wishes to enthuse and inspire children by awakening their senses in a safe, refreshing and fun environment leading to a greater awareness of the natural world and inspiring a celebration of life. Using these uniquely designed games in your English TEFL class or living room will help the EFL teacher, English Teacher and the children to practise English Grammar, build vocabulary and promote conversation.

Jewels of the Oak Ltd

As a parent or an English  teacher we play a big part in how well our children or students do in school. Whichever role you take, JOTO invites you to support children by helping them get the most out of their childhood years by allowing their imagination and creativity to develop freely using this fun and practical method of play. As an EFL teacher - you can show others how to teach English in a more colourful and engaging way.

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  ''Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns Grow........
        with curiosity, play, communication, and imagination.''

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